Back Office Software

Back Office Software With Rich Functionality

FPM back office software provides a comprehensive and flexible set of modules geared to meet the needs of niche as well as large asset managers. Modules include:

  • Core: Transaction processing, confirmation and settlement, corporate events, accrual processing, market data, valuations and reporting including all related static data such as portfolios, instruments, counterparties and bank accounts.  FPM handles the full range of instrument types including Equity, Fixed Income, Money Market, Swaps, Derivatives, Unit Trusts and Property.  The flexible Fee Formula Builder allows custom fee rules to be defined and accrued at user defined frequencies.
  • Unitised Pricing: Automated Pricing of Unit Trust, Multi-Manager, Life and Segregated Funds including Income and Expense Accruals, Valuations, Reasonability Checks and Distributions.  The Bulk Pricing module allows automated pricing of groups of funds.
  • Fund of Funds: Tiered structure of unit priced portfolios with look through to underlying portfolios.
  • Taxation :Provides for regulatory tax accruals and reporting for Dividends Withholding Tax, Capital Gains tax and Section 24J Tax on Interest.
  • Cash Management: Allows automated management of cash strategies such as call account sweeping.
  • Intermediary Commissions: Intermediary commissions including initial and trailer fees.
  • User Defined Fixed Income Instruments: Configurable Fixed Income Instrument handling that allows the setup, valuation and trading of user defined local and foreign Fixed Income instruments as a configurable set of cash flows with appropriate present value mechanisms.
  • Finswitch Integration: Finswitch trade and price file integration for automating the administration of Funds of Funds portfolios.

Real-Time Transactional Processing

Whilst many competitor products tend to be batch-orientated, only processing information at the day’s end, FPM is transaction based, meaning that it refreshes as the day progresses, providing real-time portfolio information. This process allows you conduct effective previous and intraday valuations, including any backdated transactions and manage workflow and reporting more efficiently.

Configurable Process Flows

FPM back office software boasts configurable workflows that can be scheduled and automated to match your actual business process allowing you to effectively manage and control your daily processes such as Unit Trust pricing or Corporate Events etc. Each step of the process is tracked with full audit trails and calculations traces.

Back Office Reporting

FPM boasts its own unique user interface with customisable Excel like grid enquiry screens.  Data can easily be exported from FPM to Excel for operational or external use.  Enquiry layouts may be saved as public or private. Reports and exports can be automated through FPM’s automated reporting scheduler.  Glossy reports (built using SQL Server reporting services or SSRS) are available and may have custom headers / footers / logo defined. Custom reporting via SSRS may be linked seamlessly into the FPM user interface.

Other reporting applications can easily draw data from FPM via our suite of data sources (APIs), allowing you to utilize external reporting tools to manipulate FPM data. Report packs consisting of a selection of reports may be created and scheduled. A cover page can be incorporated and paginated into the pack. Consolidated reports which summarise multiple portfolios may be generated. Reporting may be run at any point in time. Historic reporting would reference any classifications / information that existed for a given date. Trigger reports may be defined to be emailed or displayed to screen at pre-defined times or when certain events occur.  Consistency checks assist the user process by highlighting data that needs review.

Unlike black box software, FPM allows you to easily interrogate and analyse system outputs, as well as any values and calculations within the system. This ensures added transparency and control within your reporting framework.


FPM boasts exceptional integration capabilities and can receive and publish static, market and transaction data in many formats including XML messaging, automated excel file import and external database accessibility.


FPM’s modular system means that you can select a back office software solution most suitable for your company, which can be adapted based on your evolving needs.