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By Niyaz Sadan
11 February 2015

3.21 – 44 Release

Our first software release for 2015 is available! My goodness.
So what’s included in the publication? Let’s take a closer look.


  • FPM’s Money Market Unit Trust pricing workflow can now be customised for mandatory or non-mandatory authorisation of cash flows.
  • Corporate events which do not affect the holdings can now be backdated prior to existing events.
  • System performance is always high on the agenda and this release was no exception. Further optimisation has been made in this regard.
  • FPM now allows the end user to create custom names for existing FPM generic reports.
  • There are now additional instrument static data fields for “Country of Risk”.
  • We’ve added a new screen, together with import functionality, which caters for user adjustments to coupon rates.