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By Niyaz Sadan
5 May 2015

3.21 – 46 Release

FPM Release 46 has been released and with it comes a host of new features and fixes.


  • Portfolio static has a nifty new addition in the security features. Users can now customise the tabs which are visible when access the portfolio static data screens.
  • In order to specify the base values, the FX rates are now editable when capturing accrual adjustments.
  • The Lock-Yield functionality that would accrue the first coupon at the trade yield and not the coupon yield has been removed for coupon paying instruments. The coupon accrual will now always use the coupon rate even if the Lock-Yield is used.
  • IWHT: Functionality to cater for interest income received net of withholdings tax has been incorporated into this version
  • A new state ‘Previewing’ has been added to the workflow manager.  This allows for greater transparency.

Bug Fixes

  • The correct tax end times are now displayed
  • A Funds under Administration report is now available to report for a specific date range
  • Reporting: The accrued cash interest is now getting the correct closing balance for portfolios that use valuation date.