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By Neil Hampton
4 April 2016

Drakens Capital live on Fundamental

Cape Town, South Africa – (4 April 2016). Fundamental Software is pleased to announce that Drakens Capital, the specialist Emerging Markets Equity Manager, are live on FPM.

Drakens Capital (Pty), led by Sven Richter, have extensive experience investing in emerging market equities. According to Sven, Drakens Capital’s core belief is “to invest in companies and not shares” and they follow a rigorous investment process which includes the use of the market leading FPM Investment Administration system to provide a reliable and efficient platform for portfolio management and servicing clients.

Drakens Capital are using of Fundamental‘s hosted service, a cloud based offering of the FPM software provided in partnership with RSAWEB, a leading provider of cloud based solutions.

Fundamental is actively expanding into Africa and has clients with a presence in Namibia, Botswana, Mauritius and Nigeria in addition to an established client base in South Africa including many leading Investment Companies and service providers such as Allan Gray, Taquanta, Personal Trust, PSG Asset Management, The Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund, Investment Data Services (IDS) and Global Independent Administrators (GIA).

Fundamental Software is at the forefront in utilizing modern technology to provide innovative Investment Administration solutions to the challenges faced by Southern Africa’s Investment Companies in today’s complex and fast changing world.

You can follow Fundamental’s Africa expansion on Twitter @TeamFundamental.