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By Neil Hampton
19 July 2016

Fundamental Software is pleased to announce that BlueAlpha are live on FPM.

Cape Town, South Africa – (19 July 2016). Fundamental Software is pleased to announce that BlueAlpha are live on FPM.

BlueAlpha Investment Management (Pty) is a South African based asset manager and offers investment products for both institutional and individual investors.

In line with the trend of small to medium sized asset managers, Blue Alpha use the services of a 3rd party Administrator, but have the need for producing an in-house “Shadow NAV” for internal reporting such as “close to realtime” portfolio positions, cash management and performance. BlueAlpha has implemented Fundamental Hosted, the market leading Cloud based Investment Administration platform provided by Fundamental Software. According to Kirsty Wade, Head of Operations at BlueAlpha , “Fundamental Hosted has allowed us to drill down and unpack our portfolios at all levels with ease making it simple and clear to understand and display for reporting purposes. Because FPM supports custom reporting, we are able to tailor and personalise the output according to our preferences”.

The next step for BlueAlpha is to make use of FPM’s order management module and to enable Straight-through processing of order creations and fills from Bloomberg.

Fundamental’s cloud offering eliminates the heavy cost burden of computer servers and other hardware maintenance for their clients.  IT services such as SQL database maintenance and deployment of new code releases are also included in the Hosted offering, making the hosted offering almost a no-brainer for clients.

We have been very impressed with both the system and the level of support and commitment we have received from FPM team.”  –Kirsty Wade (BlueAlpha: Head of Operations)

Fundamental Software is at the forefront in utilizing modern technology to provide innovative Investment Administration solutions to the challenges faced by Southern Africa’s Investment Companies in today’s complex and fast changing world.

You can follow Fundamental’s Africa expansion on Twitter @TeamFundamental.