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By Niyaz Sadan
14 July 2021

Social Security Commission of Namibia live on FPM

Fundamental Software is pleased to announce that Social Security Commission (SSC) of Namibia is live on the Fundamental Portfolio Manager (FPM). Social Security Commission is empowered by the SSC Acts to administer Funds in accordance with sound business principles. SSC manages various different funds to safeguard the Funds ability to pay benefits, provide services and to generate sustainable investment income.  SSC’s funds are invested in money market, unit trusts, segregated mandates, among others and it also manages funds on behalf of third parties. The primary objective of SSC’s funds is to balance the risk, liquidity and return objectives against the liability structure and general objectives of each Fund.

According to Lorentha Harases, Senior Manager Investments at SSC, FPM will provide Social Security Commission with a fully integrated Investment Management and Fund Accounting solution that offers the following benefits:

  • – Enhanced data access and report
  • – Complete coverage of all instruments and all transaction types
  • – 24×7 Real-time Transaction Processing and reporting
  • – Improved internal control of the portfolio
  • – Reduced operational risks due to limited manual processes
  • – General Ledger (Reconciliations)
  • – Segregation of duties
  • – Customised Reporting
  • – Integration with other SSC systems