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Pension Funds

An integrated Front to Back solution for both internally and externally managed funds

The FPM Front, Middle and Back Office modules in combination with the Multi-Manager module provide a fully integrated solution for Pension Funds to automate their investment life-cycle from Rebalancing to Manager Instructions to automating cash flows through the Unitised product structure to Bulk Pricing of the Unitised portfolios through to Fund Accounting and flexible Reporting Tools.

Pension Funds can efficiently and effectively support both internally and externally Managed Funds in an integrated workflow providing for consolidated Fund Accounting, Performance Returns, Compliance and Reporting.

Modelling and Order Management

  • Create Models using customisable classification structures by asset class, region etc.
  • Rebalance internally and externally managed portfolios to target applying tolerances, minimum trade quantities and expected cash flows
  • Automatically generate suggested Orders which can then be adjusted before Releasing to Brokers
  • Orders created from modelling will generate manager cash flow notifications and effectively rebalance the multi manager portfolio to the model target
  • User-friendly Order Book management with pre-trade checks for embargoes, trade prohibitions and short positions etc.

Flexible access to information

  • FPM’s modern technology provides easy, customisable access to information with the ability to export to excel etc. Excel like grid based enquiries include the ability to select and arrange columns, filter, sort, graph and export data to excel
  • Arrange and customize multiple Portfolio views such as Holdings, Transactions, Cash, Income and Expenses.

Customized Report

Custom reports can be easily created and automatically generated and distributed via email, FTP etc. in various formats (excel, pdf etc.)

Post Trade Compliance

  • Compliance monitoring with automated checks and notifications of breaches
  • Flexible rule builder to configure regulatory and mandate compliance rules
  • Breach analysis with ability to drill-down to underlying data and calculations
  • Caters for Regulation 28 rule set

Performance Measurement

  • TWRR, Dietz and Modified Dietz return calculations
  • Portfolio, instrument, sector, class level returns for any date range
  • User defined instrument classifications provide for further flexible reporting levels

Real-time Transaction Processing, Valuations & Fund Accounting

  • Transaction processing, confirmation and settlement, corporate events, accrual processing, market data, valuations and fund accounting including all related static data such as portfolios, instruments, counterparties and bank accounts
  • Real time update of data provides immediate reporting which is available 24×7

Wide range of Instrument types

FPM handles a comprehensive range of instrument types including Equities, Unit Trusts, Property, Futures, Options, Moptions, Forex, Bonds, VCBonds, Floating Rate Bonds, Inflation Linked Bonds, Discount and Simple Interest Money Market and Swaps


  • Automated Cash, Scrip and Market Value reconciliations
  • Integration with the major Banks

General Ledger

  • General ledger accounting including balance sheet, income statement and Trial Balance
  • Flexible Chart of Accounts for interfacing to a corporate GL


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