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Cutting Edge Technology

The Fundamental Portfolio Manager (FPM) is an innovative end-to-end Investment Management solution that utilises modern technology to provide a functionally rich and versatile platform that supports the Front, Middle and Back Office requirements of Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Unit Trusts, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Multi-Managers and Pension Funds. Our clients include many of Southern Africa’s leading Investment Companies with Assets Under Management exceeding R1.5 trillion.

FPM is the most technologically advanced end-to-end (Front to Back) Investment Management platform in the market. Our ability to constantly adapt and improve FPM to keep it in line with the latest available international technology has ensured our on-going success in a dynamic and challenging market.

FPM makes use of the latest Microsoft .NET framework ensuring that the application stays up to date with current technological trends. We remain focused on evolving our software and services to meet the changing needs of our clients and the market. The Fundamental Software team includes some of the industry’s best support consultants and developers with specialized financial markets knowledge and a commitment to quality to guarantee that the FPM platform remains relevant in an ever-evolving landscape.

Back Office Software

FPM's market leading Back Office software provides a functionally rich and user-friendly system for fund accounting, valuations, transaction processing, confirmation and settlement, corporate events, accrual processing and reporting including related static data such as portfolios, instruments, counterparties and bank accounts. FPM handles the full range of instrument types including Equity, Fixed Income, Money Market, Swaps, Derivatives, Unit Trusts and Property. The flexible Fee Formula Builder allows custom fee rules to be defined and accrued at user defined frequencies

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24x7 Real-Time Transaction Processing

Real-time transaction processing, corporate events, accrual processing, market data, valuations, fund accounting and 24x7 reporting

Unitised Pricing

Automated Pricing of Unit Trust, Mutual Fund, Multi-Manager, Life and Pension Funds including Income and Expense Accruals, Valuations, Reasonability Checks and Distributions. The Bulk Pricing module allows automated pricing of groups of funds

Flexible solution tailored to your needs

FPM’s modular system means that you get the back office software solution most suited for your company, which can then be adapted based on your evolving needs

Middle Office Software

Fundamental Middle Office features Performance Reporting , Post-trade Compliance, Client Reporting, an integrated General Ledger and CRM capabilities

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Performance and Attribution Reporting

The Performance Reporting module provides
TWR calculations at portfolio, instrument, sector, class level with the capability to report consolidated returns across groups of portfolios. Includes comparisons to benchmarks and Contribution to Return Attribution reporting

General Ledger

The General Ledger module provides for transaction level debits and credits flowing to Income Statement and Balance Sheet reporting, and integrates easily with an external corporate General Ledger system

Front Office Software

FPM Front Office offers an integrated Modelling and Order Management system. The Front Office modules provide for re-balancing portfolios and leads the client through the buy/sell decision to releasing trade instructions to brokers and the portfolio trade allocations

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Automatically re-balance portfolios to target applying tolerances, minimum trade quantities and expected cash flows. Suggested Orders can be adjusted/consolidated before Releasing to Brokers

Order book management

User-friendly Order Book management with pre-trade checks for embargoes, trade prohibitions and short positions etc. Release trades to brokers and automatically allocate trade fills to portfolios

Electronic Messaging

FIX messages to/from brokers automate the order management and trading workflow


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