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Automate your investment life-cycle

The FPM Multi-Manager module is an innovative and modern solution that provides Multi-Managers and Pension Funds with the ability to automate their investment life-cycle from Rebalancing to Manager Instructions to automating cash flows through the Unitised product structure to Pricing of the Unitised portfolios through to flexible Reporting Tools.

FPM's Bulk Pricing allows Multi-Managers to automate the pricing of multiple funds in a single fast and efficient workflow that includes integrity and reasonability checks to ensure that prices are processed accurately and timeously through management by exception.


  • Rebalance a multi manager portfolio to a target which can be based on the cash flow allocation model, to eliminate underperforming managers and reward over performers with more relative MV in the product portfolio
  • Orders created from modelling will generate manager cash flow notifications and effectively rebalance the multi manager portfolio to the model target

Manage Cash Flow Allocations

  • Allocate inflows and outflows to managers based on the % MV using an allocation model, or do it manually at pricing time. Multiple Strategy (Cash flow) Templates can be allocated to a portfolio by Cash flow type.
  • Account for the delayed allocation of units and value from the manager and track TWRR excluding these spikes to get a true reflection of manager performance
  • Pricing can detect large outflows based on a threshold and manage the outflow as a separate class of the product to give managers time to sell units without prejudicing the rest of the product unit holders
  • Managers can provide price and cash flow resolution of their allocation via the Interlink MEX file formats which the system will import. The system will also import other formats such as Excel and Finswitch and allow for manual resolution via the UI.

External Manager Price Scrubbing and Verification

  • Manage pricing exceptions using consistency checks that will check for issues such as stale Manager prices on expected price dates, Manager price movements  compared to a benchmark with individual tolerances, outliers compared to other funds in same sector.  Allow users on different security profiles to (validate and) authorise exceptions

Unitised Multi manager Pricing

  • Fast and efficient Bulk Pricing of multiple multi-manager portfolios simultaneously
  • Fee accruals and payment process

Price Release Publication

  • Once product prices are calculated and available from Bulk Pricing, they can be published to a third-party via Email, FTP and various other methods
  • Product prices can also be held back for business reasons if a price must not be published for a day or range of days


  • View entire Investment flow from Client to Building Block to Product through to Asset Fund (External Manager) Level
  • Ability to replicate Segregated Mandates via ASISA transaction uploads


  • See the full lifecycle of a cash flow from initial product inflow, through manager cash flow allocations, notifications and EFTs and final price and cash flow resolution
  • Transactional history from a manger and/or product perspective detailing the profit/losses, valuations and units in issue over a date range
  • Track manager TWRR on a product excluding the spiking effect of unresolved cash flow allocations


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