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Shadow NAV and Reporting

Front and Middle Office tools with Shadow NAV and Reporting capabilities

For Managers that outsource their core admin activities FPM provides easy to use Front and Middle Office tools from Modelling (Rebalancing) through Pre-Trade Compliance and TWR Performance Measurement to Shadow NAV oversight and automated Report distribution

FPM provides Managers with real-time information for Front-Office trading or Reporting. FPM’s modern technology makes it easy to integrate with your Adminstrators and reconcile positions to ensure accurate and consistent data

Modelling and Order Management

  • Create Models and rebalance portfolios to target applying tolerances, minimum trade quantities and expected cash flows
  • Automatically generate suggested Orders which can then be adjusted before Releasing to Brokers
  • Pre-Trade Compliance checks


  • Perform independent valuations from multiple market data sources
  • Automated Corporate Action processing
  • Holdings and Cash reconciliations

Comprehensive range of Instrument types

  • FPM handles a comprehensive range of global instrument types including Equities, Unit Trusts, Property, Futures, Options, Moptions, Forex, Bonds, VCBonds, Floating Rate Bonds, Inflation Linked Bonds, Discount and Simple Interest Money Market and Swaps

Flexible access to information and reporting

  • Build Report Packs and automatically generate and distribute via email, SFTP etc. in various formats (excel, pdf)
  • FPM’s modern technology provides easy, customisable access to information with the ability to export to excel etc. Grid based enquiries include the ability to select and arrange columns, filter, sort, graph and export data to excel
  • Real time update of data provides immediate reporting which is available 24×7

Easy importing and reconciling of data

  • FPM allows imports of data such as market data, transactions and static data. This can be done via excel or xml. This provides significant efficiency and standardization benefits to the business
  • The FPM Reconciliations module provides for easy reconciliation with Administrators to ensure accurate and consistent data


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