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Integrated Front-to-Back Investment Management SaaS solution

Investment software in the cloud for Fund Managers, Wealth Managers, Hedge Funds, Unit Trusts, Mutual Funds, Multi-Managers, Pension Funds and Administration Service Providers

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fundamental Portfolio

The Fundamental Portfolio Manager (FPM) is an innovative end-to-end Investment Management solution that utilises modern technology to provide a functionally rich and versatile platform that supports the Front, Middle and Back Office requirements of investment companies managing institutional, retail, hedge and multi-manager funds

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Fundamental Hosted Services is a hosted cloud based service offering of the market-leading Fundamental Portfolio Manager (FPM) software. Fundamental Hosted Services utilises cloud technology to provide a highly available, scalable solution with automatic failover allowing the Investment Manager or Administrator to focus on the business of investment management without needing to worry about the hardware and software complexities of Investment Administration software

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Front Office

FPM’s Front Office provides automated tools for Rebalancing portfolios, Releasing Orders to brokers and managing Portfolio Allocations

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Middle Office

Fundamental Middle Office covers Performance Reporting (incorporating Dietz, Modified Dietz and True Time Weighted returns), an integrated General Ledger and a CRM module

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Back Office

Southern Africa’s leading best-of-breed Investment Administration solution. The Fundamental Back Office modules are highly configurable to meet all your needs

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The most advanced software in the market

Our software is used by some of Africa’s most successful Fund Managers, Multi-Managers, Unit Trusts & Mutual Funds, Pension Funds, Wealth Managers, Hedge Funds and Investment Administration Services Companies with assets exceeding R1.5 trillion. We provide our clients with modern, robust and comprehensive solutions that are easy to use, implement and integrate

  • What our clients say

    "We wanted to go with a best-of-breed, modular approach that will enable us to handle potential changes to aspects of our system in future with minimum effort and impact. Our new architecture with FPM at its core, together with a number of other best-of-breed systems providing compliance, reporting, integration and attribution, is supporting our business exactly the way we wanted it to"
    Edgar Loxton
    Operations Director, Allan Gray
  • What our clients say

    "Taquanta is a specialist fixed income manager with the strategic objective of delivering a client centric service, with cost efficiency and operational flexibility being key enablers. Being in control of all aspects of the business is a core foundation. Fundamental software allows Taquanta to manage the full asset management administration cycle in-house, and with our optimally structured administration team (ISAE3402 level 2 certified), we are meeting our clients’ needs and delivering information within agreed timelines to the market on a daily basis"
    Greg Cronje
    COO, Taquanta Asset Managers
  • What our clients say

    "The Fundamental Software team have consistently provided a quality service and they have demonstrated the ability to successfully enhance the system with new functionality over time. We appreciate the close working relationship with the Fundamental team and the improvements that this has delivered our Investment Operations. During the lockdown period, FPM has enabled and facilitated our seamless move into a remote work from home environment."
    Nigel McKenzie
    Chief Operating Officer, Standard Bank Wealth (Melville Douglas)
  • What our clients say

    “The Fundamental Portfolio Manager provides Visio Capital with a fully integrated Front-to-Back investment management and accounting solution that offers complete coverage of all instruments and transaction types, enhanced data access and reporting as well as automated workflow processing features. The Fundamental Hosted Services provides us with a scalable enterprise technology platform for 24x7 operations”
    Ulrike Engling
    Chief Operating Officer, Visio Capital
  • What our clients say

    "I’d really like to say thank you from our side to you and your team. You’ve had immense patience with us and all the hands-on help you’ve given us has absolutely made the difference in getting us over the line - it’s great to be live on a world class system."
    David Elliott
    Chief Executive Officer, Marriott Investment Managers
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